Hello, I'm


I am an ambitious Graduate Student of Northeastern University pursuing my Master of Science in the Information Systems Program.
For the past 2 years, I have had been working in the field of Web Development as a Senior Web Developer for two different startup companies, Ajackus Consultancy and Skarma Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. While I was working with these companies, I augmented my technical proficiency and become knowledgeable about every aspect in the field. This experience helped me understand how technology could revolutionize the business and relationship between customer and stakeholders.
I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to work in a startup. I have gained valuable experience about different products and services, increased credibility as a working professional and opportunities to work with multiple clients and learn about their procedures, business and ethos.
My next step is to use my computing and management background to assist in the structured development of domestic companies. I am very interested in achieving the expertise, the perspective and the experience necessary to lead our industry into a new era.
Through my work experience and academic projects, I have developed the following technical skills:

  • Languages : JavaScript, Angular 4, TypeScript, ECMAScript 6, PHP, SQL, Python, Shell Script (Unix)
  • Web Technologies : HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Node.js, React JS, Ember.js, JSON, REST API, Passport.js, LESS, SASS, AJAX
  • Frameworks : Angular JS, Express.js, Backbone.js, MEAN, MERN, WordPress, Bootstrap, Foundation, Drupal, Shopify, Flask
  • Database : MySQL, MSSQL, Mongo DB, PostgreSQL, Oracle, PL SQL, Redis, Elasticsearch
  • Tools : AWS, GCP, Webpack, JWT, WAMP Server, Axure RP, Moqups, Balsamiq, Adobe Photoshop, Docker, Grunt, Adobe Illustrator, Gulp, Git, GitHub, SVN, Postman, TravisCI, Toad Data Modeler


  • HTML5

  • Angular JS

  • Ember.js

  • ECMAScript 6

  • LESS

  • React JS

  • Python

  • Bootstrap

  • MEAN

  • Webpack

  • MySQL

  • Amazon Web Services

  • Git

  • Docker

  • CSS3

  • Angular 2/4

  • Backbone.js

  • TypeScript

  • SASS

  • Express.js

  • Passport.js

  • Foundation Framework

  • MERN

  • Grunt.js

  • MS SQL

  • Google Cloud Platform

  • GitHub

  • Moqups

  • JavaScript

  • Node.js

  • JSON

  • PHP

  • Elasticsearch

  • SQL

  • Shell Script (Unix)

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • WordPress

  • Gulp

  • PostgreSQL

  • Drupal

  • Tortoise SVN

  • Balsamiq

  • jQuery

  • Mongo DB


  • AJAX

  • PL/SQL

  • JSON Web Token

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Shopify

  • Flask

  • Oracle

  • Redis

  • WAMP Server

  • Axure RP

  • Travis CI



Northeastern University, Boston, MA

Sep 2016 - Aug 2018

Ticket Booking Application
  • Designed and developed a complete web application using MEAN Stack allowing user to search, view and book ticket for any events
  • Fetched a wide range of events from Ticket master API and displayed events across various categories like Music, Films, Sports and Arts & Theatre
  • Implemented Authentication and Authorization of the user, Login, Signup and Logout feature using Passport.js
  • Incorporated social media OAuth Strategies to allow user to login using Google and Facebook accounts
  • Integrated geolocation feature which takes user's current location and displays top 3 upcoming events of that particular location
  • Created Angular pipes to implement filter feature by name, location, category, price and date and sort feature by name, location and date
  • Incorporated add to cart feature enabling the user to select the package and quantity of tickets of their choice
  • Utilized Stripe API to allow the user to purchase tickets of the events added to the cart

News App
  • Created a news application which fetches news articles from an external API vendor and displays them in web application

URL Shortening App
  • Developed an URL-Shortening APP using Angular 4, Node.js, Express.js and REST API which takes the entire URL as the input
  • Converted the input into a 6 digit short unique uid and returned back to the user with a shortened link
  • Used Redis database to store the uid and value of the original long url and utilized Kibana Server and Console for full text searching of indexed documents in Elasticsearch

REST API Development for Medical Plans
  • Created a RESTful Web Service for medical plans using Node.js and Redis cache storage to perform CRUD operations
  • Incorporated access authorizations for users using JSON Web Token specifications with full encryption and decryption method
  • Utilized Kibana Server and Console for full text searching of indexed documents in Elasticsearch

JavaScript Spreadsheet
  • Created a Spreadsheet application like excel having features such as addition and deletion of row and columns, performing all the basic arithmetic operation on the cells, and exporting the cell entries into a CSV
  • Used Webpack to bundle all JavaScript and CSS files into one file to optimize load time of web page and minimize size of assets

TODO Application
  • Developed a TODO application using Rest API, performed CRUD operations and deployed the application on AWS and GCP
  • Leveraged services like EC2, CodeDeploy, S3, DynamoDB, RDS, Route 53, Load Balancer, Lambda, CloudWatch and SNS
  • Automated creation of cloud formation stack using shell scripts, deployment and testing was done by TravisCI and Postman

Online E-Commerce Store
  • Created an end-to-end web platform for selling products online using Spring MVC Framework and Hibernate ORM
  • Implemented Interceptors to perform authorization and authentication for valid users using interceptors mapping
  • Integrated email functionality where email is received on registering and placing order successfully
  • Implemented AJAX to communicate data between browser and server without reloading the page
  • Used jQuery to integrate AJAX and perform various validation checks
  • Implemented Pagination to divide the results into various pages
  • Implemented file upload functionality to allow sellers to upload pictures of their products
  • Integrated view PDF feature that enables the buyers and sellers to download the orders list into a PDF format
  • Allowed the users to filter the products based on price - High to Low / Low to High and also allowing the users to browse the products using product name and description
  • Integrated Add to Cart and Checkout features for the users of the application
  • Implemented validations on the forms and input fields to avoid errors and prevent users from entering invalid data

Re-design of RSO Website
  • Revamped the website to overcome the technical and functional flaws in the system and providing better user interface
  • Developed wireframes using tools like Moqups and Balsamiq and created a fully working prototype using Axure RP
  • Performed usability testing and automated functional testing using Selenium IDE

IMDB Database
  • Created a database and designed an ER Model of IMDB website and normalized the model to 3NF
  • Inserted real time information in the database about Movies, TV Shows, Celebrities, Movie Genre, News, Events, Awards and User Ratings
  • Implemented Triggers, Functions, Stored Procedures and Views to generate data analysis reports
  • Developed and designed the application in SQL Server, Oracle, HIVE and Toad Data Modeler

Northeastern University College of Engineering

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Jan 2018 - Apr 2018

  • Conducted lab sessions and provided infrastructure support to students to run data science projects on custom-built platform

AdaptiveAlgo Systems Inc

Full Stack Web Developer

May 2017 - Dec 2017

  • Developed an interactive and dynamic website to ensure rich user experience and hosted it on AWS
  • Created an application to run data science experiments on a custom-built platform using Mean Stack
  • Incorporated features such as sending emails using nodemailer, search functionality, pagination, spinner, filtering and sorting
  • Used docker to provide an environment and configure packages and dependencies of a data science project
  • Generated dynamic data entry forms and exported entries of those forms in a CSV file
  • Refined time zone issues amongst different platforms and browsers using Moment.js
  • Integrated LMS to automate management and tracking of course work material and assignment submission of students
  • Led in daily agile/scrum sprints and was also thoroughly involved in requirement gathering and analysis


Self Employed (Freelancer)

Feb 2015 - Jul 2016

  • Designed and developed websites from scratch as per clients requirements
  • Created a well formatted time and cost estimate using a web based project management application named Trello
  • Responded to clients in a timely manner and updated them about the progress regularly
  • Achieved milestones set at every stage during the development process thereby making it possible to review the tasks and performance on a regular basis and can also be marked as an element of success
  • Built a website manual for the clients that helped them to manage the content on the website from the Content Management System

Skarma Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

Senior Web Developer

Apr 2016 - Jun 2016

  • Implemented features on the website such as Custom Jury Scoring System, Social Sharing, Payment Gateway and made responsive websites to make them user friendly on mobile devices
  • Optimized images which reduced the load time of the websites by 40%
  • Integrated social media widgets that extract the latest posts from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, thereby increasing the traffic of the users on the website
  • Managed 4 junior developers and guided, trained and enhanced their knowledge and skills

Ajackus Consultancy

Web Developer

Jun 2014 - Mar 2016

  • Developed cross browser compatible websites that were compliant with web standards
  • Tested websites on different browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and IE 9+, as well as on Android and iOS devices for any potential discrepancies
  • Implemented parallax scrolling functionality, RSVP for guests, sliders, accordions, flipbooks, and pop-ups in various domains, such as E-Commerce, Corporate, Events, Blogs, Sports and Weddings
  • Integrated live chat functionality on the websites to increase the customer engagement and interaction, which led to an improvement in the sales through the websites
  • Incorporated user subscription feature on several websites using MailChimp, which helps the company maintain contact with their customers
  • Designed and developed optimized emails and tested them on Litmus to make sure they work efficiently on different email services, such as Google Mail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook as well as on Android and iOS devices
  • Performed Grunt which decreased the total size of the stylesheet file by 85%
  • Executed voting poll functionality where the users can vote for their favorite candidate. Also, incorporated the geolocation functionality which restricts only the users of particular region to vote, thereby disabling the poll for other users
  • Implemented infinite scrolling using AJAX to reduce the number of clicks and enhanced the user experience
  • Created websites using backend frameworks, such as WordPress and Shopify that provide the clients user friendly CMS (Content Management System) to update the content from the admin panel
  • Performed SEO strategies on the websites which maximized the traffic by improving the page rank within search engines
  • Provided technical support to end users for the run and maintenance of the websites



Jersey City, NJ 07306